In this picture are farm fresh eggs which are produced by the happiest hens of ohio. Each egg is a unique pastel of brown, teal, and cream varieties, packaged in an egg crate.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

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Fresh Eggs from the Happiest Hens in Ohio(TM)

Fresh from the Boltz to Nutz farm are our free-range chicken eggs! The happiest hens in Ohio produce beautifully rich and flavorful eggs with vibrant golden yolks and bright egg whites inside.

Our Chickens Live Their Best Life

On our Ohio farm, you’ll find our chickens living their best life with daytime access to the fresh outdoors, protected by our 80 year old hickory trees, roosters and our fearless guardian dogs. This stimulating environment encourages a healthy life for our hens where they are able to explore the land, forage for bugs, lounge in the sun and dust bathe to their heart's content. As farmers, this safe and healthy habitat is the goal for our animals and produce.

Our Chicken Breeds

  • Americana

  • Barnevelder

  • Barred Plymouth Rock

  • Black Copper Maran

  • Laced Wyandottes

  • Buff Brahma

  • Columbian Rock Cross

  • Cream Legbar

  • Dark Brahma

  • Olive Egger

  • Speckled Sussex

  • Welsummer

  • Rhode Island Red

  • Rhode Island Blue.

The names may be a tongue twister, but this dynamic flock creates a unique color pallet within each carton. You can expect to see colors such as light teals, blue, olive, pinks, creams and browns. Some eggs may even be speckled!

How To Prepare Your Eggs

Once the eggs are collected, they are packed and refrigerated to keep cool until it’s time for the weekly deliveries through our local partners. We choose to keep the eggs in their natural, protective layer called bloom which means we do not wash the eggs. Bloom is the first line of defense, keeping out air and bacteria and giving the egg a longer shelf life. However, we do encourage customers to wash their eggs before use.

Why choose free-range eggs?

While free-range eggs have similar qualities to conventional eggs like carbohydrates and protein, free-range eggs are known to have higher levels of vitamins and nutrients due to their accessible lifestyle and food consumption. Healthy chickens means healthy eggs and healthy eggs means a healthy you! Add free-range chicken eggs to your diet today! 

Stay In The Know

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