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Check back in November for farm fresh eggs from Ohio's Happiest Hens and fresh produce and plant starts come Spring 2023.

Until then find us on Market Wagon for local home delivery.


Enjoy fresh, organically raised produce brought to you by Boltz to Nutz Farm. We sell a variety of produce all having unique health and cooking benefits. Our passion for quality produce begins in the ground. We believe in restoring and healing the soil, replenishing the nutrients for the best outcome of our produce while warding off the potential for disease and pest infestations. With a combination of high quality soil, proper growth strategies, our farm is enabled to grow substantial, high quality produce for our customers while optimizing space for other areas. Add farm to table produce to your diet today!


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  • Free Range Chicken Eggs
    In this picture are farm fresh eggs which are produced by the happiest hens of ohio. Each egg is a unique pastel of brown, teal, and cream varieties, packaged in an egg crate.
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